Planned Stories / Story Status

  • Spiral Online: The Girl who Fell from Grace – Current Project
  • Drop of Aether Online – Paused
  • I, a Water Snail, Accompanying the Immortal Hero – Slated for rewrite
  • Cutsleeve Emperor and Transmigrated Empress – In Progress (side)
  • Spiral Online: Arcane Sanctum – Planned

SPIRAL ONLINE: The Girl who Fell from Grace

In the forums, on the stream channels, on twitter and on blogs, one topic reigned –

Famous Spiral Player lowli Reveals True Colors!

The Disgusting Truth of Little Miss Lowli

3,401 viewers

Leanne scrolled fervently through dozens of sites. She didn’t understand. How could it have come to this? Even just this morning, her fanclub thread had been bustling with hundreds of supporters. But now the thread was locked and her fans had vanished to the wind.

In the span of a single night, everything Leanne had worked for – her status, her reputation, her adoring fanbase – collapsed around her.

In the game window, another chat box had been left open. Next to the young girl sat the innocuous mail inbox interface. In that interface, lowli’s incoming mail count had hit the maximum of 1,000 letters, of which 938 had been sent this night. Below those unopened letters sat a certain message.

Sender: Jaz

Subject: (none)


You’re never coming back from this. Have a good one.

Leanne Weber AKA lowli, the Angel of Arcane Sanctum, was legendary for her godly healing abilities and her angelic personality. Idolized by tens of thousands of players, she was one of the most popular figures in Spiral – up until she’d been revealed as a secret bitch, and kicked out of her guild. Her reputation ruined, her status in tatters, she had no way of recovering her past glory – that was until the most hated and reviled villains in the game, WILDERS, invited her to join their guild.

Category: Gen
Rating: Teen+
Genres: drama, adventure, action, MMO, fantasy, social politics
Status: Currently Writing / 11 Chapters out of ???

Drop of Aether Online

Xu Mingling and Zhong Huang stood side-by-side outside of the old Xu Lin Conglomerate’s HQ.

The lost Xu Mingling no longer had a place in the company led by Gateway Media. He had sold all of his personal assets to invest back into the Conglomerate: stocks, cars, clothes… Eventually he had grown so desperate that he had even sold all of his houses. He had figured that since he barely left his office anyway he might as well get rid of those empty, unused living spaces.

Thus, Xu Mingling was now homeless. He had only a single suitcase of essentials with him.

“You really did work hard, didn’t you,” Zhong Huang said. He seemed to realize Xu Mingling’s current predicament.

Xu Mingling snapped, “Shut up, dog of the upstart Gateway Media.” Zhong Huang made a pained expression, but Xu Mingling ignored it. Walking up to the other man, he demanded, “What do you know about Gateway Media? Why would my father… What do you know of their relation?”

Gateway Media hadn’t even appeared until four years ago, and yet his father had begun selling his company to it over seven years ago. It made no sense. Furthermore, Gateway Media had only created one game. What worth could it possibly have had in comparison to the importance of the Xu Lin Conglomerate?

Zhong Huang shook his head. “Xu Mingling, I mustn’t tell you. If you want to know, then please come with me.”

Everyone feared “The Devil” Xu Mingling, the tyrannical scion of the famed Xu Lin Conglomerate. As the son of the political and economic giant Xu Wei, nothing should have stood in the way of his success. Who would have guessed that in one night, his father would disappear without a trace, stealing trillions of yuan and wrecking the world’s economy? As Xu Mingling struggles to keep the company afloat, an old friend arrives with a startling message: in order to find his father, Xu Mingling must enter a VR game world distributed by Gateway Media, an organization with mysterious ties to the disappeared Xu Wei.

Category: Gen / BL
Rating: Teen
Genres: drama, adventure, action, VRMMO, fantasy, mystery
Notes: Inspired by .hack series and Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
Status: On Hold / 6 chapters out of ???

I, a Water Snail, Accompanying the Immortal Hero

Category: Het
Rating: Teen
Genres: drama, adventure, action, comedy, tragedy, xuanhuan
Status: On hiatus – To be rewritten

Cutsleeve Emperor and Transmigrated Empress

The Seventh Prince was an idiot country bumpkin. The Prime Minister’s daughter was a shameful manchasing piece of trash. Yet in this cutthroat country where blood flows as readily as wine, these two pariahs meet and learn to trust each other, united with a single goal in mind:

Seventh Prince Chang Baihuang: As a member of the imperial family, my life ends the minute I stand in my brothers’ way. Therefore, I won’t compete with you, I’ll just stay peacefully in my own corner; please don’t mind me.

Prime Minister’s Daughter Rong Xiulan: Mother****er, I just transmigrated and the guy with the protagonist halo thinks he’s an NPC! Moreover, he’s gay! Whatever, I’ll cling to his thighs, I’ll cling so tight that I’ll survive purely through close proximity! Wait for me, Prince!

Emperor Chun Bian, Chang Baihuang: Eh? I’m the only one who survived? Furthermore, you’re my wife?!

Empress Rong Xiulan: Obviously! Who else other than a modern woman would be so accepting? Now, here’s a list of the most handsome men in the capital- go pick some for your harem!

Emperor Chang Baihuang: … Wife, there’s truly no other person that’s fiercer than you.

Category: Gen
Rating: Teen
Genres: friendship, drama, comedy, tragedy, slice of life
Notes: Written in vignette/drabble style, where you see several snapshots of their developing friendship over time
Status: In Progress

SPIRAL ONLINE: Arcane Sanctum

Nari Lee’s best friend just had his heart broken in an online game. Finally deciding to quit after playing for seven years, he passes his account to Nari and asks her to take care of it. Little did Nari know that her friend, Arthur, was one of the legendary top tier players of Spiral! With the help of Arthur’s guild Arcane Sanctum, and especially that of Jas, the enigmatic Vice Leader, Nari learns the ways of adventuring and swordfighting in the wide world of Spiral. Yet a pressing issue remains on Nari’s mind: who caused Arthur to quit the game, and why does it feel like that person is coming after her, too?

Category: GL
Rating: Teen
Genres: drama, romance, adventure, MMO
Status: Planned